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The One Where I Get To See A Movie

Friday, July 1, 2011

So I actually went out and interacted with the world (somewhat) by going to see a movie at the Cinebarre – Transformers 3, midnight showing.

Beaux insisted we show up early because obviously hordes of fan boi’s would be camped out around the block and we needed to get good seats. Some sanity prevailed and we only went an hour early, just enough time to beat back the horde of 50 people in a theatre that seats 200.

We had already eaten dinner that night and I don’t like eating heavy foods so late at night, so instead I ordered a cookies and cream milkshake and the Princess Leia’s (i.e. cinnamon buns).  Nothing like a late night sugar binge.

Now for the confession: I didn’t hate Transfomers 3.  Visually, it was quite the spectacle (hey, Baysplosions galore!), there weren’t too many plot holes and the ones that existed it was easy to ignore and there were some genuinely funny moments although I think the movie was waaaaay too long.

The itty bitty things that did bother me:

  1. Why does Optimus only speak in cliches? I understand that it works for the cartoons but we need to seriously step his game up.
  2. The part where Optimus looks like a puppet.  Really?!  He gets done in by some freaking wires and has to dangle and wait until his buddies can come cut him down? But prior to that we’re treated with several shots of him just dangling like a metallic Pinocchio.
  3. The Lesson.  This just left a bad taste in my mouth, the Autobots are supposed to be the good guys.  Optimus had a conniption in the second movie when the humans got hurt but now it’s okay to let the Decepticons kill off thousands of humans and decimating Chicago.  Oh well, I guess as long as it’s not them harming anyone it’s okay.  Protectors of the planet, indeed.
  4. Carly’s lips.  Seriously, they are really distracting and not in a good way.  In the “wow, what a freak show” kind of way. Filler much?
  5. I can’t decide if I liked the Spock joke or not, my first initial reaction was, “Oh c’mon, really?!” but then I laughed.

Okay done kvetching about the movie now.

And as awful as this is, I really liked Ken Jeong and Alan Tudyk.  Their characters are so over the top and awful, I loved it.  Ken Jeong plays the role that he plays in every other movie – a crazy, weird ass Asian guy.  But he does it so well, I mean do you really want him to stop? I get that he’s the modern day Long Duk Dong but shit, at least he’s getting work.  Alan Tudyk’s character, Dutch, is a reprisal of Gerhardt from 28 Days but with a touch of badass.  I’m waiting for someone to write a fanfic that explains how Gerhardt and Dutch are actually the same character but I’m sure it would be ruined because they’d have him hook up with John Tuturro.  Ick. That’s not a picture I want in my h

So, not a bad way to spend the evening.  I went to see it in 3D of course, which didn’t hurt.  Someone kept complaining that they should have made 3D glasses to tie in with the movie that transformed into something.

Oh and the robotic Shai Hulud was kinda epic.


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