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NaNoWriMo cont’d…

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The writing has been going well, I’ve been updating my word count haphazardly but by this time I’m not really concerned about my word count, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the process. Part of the reason why, my word count has been lower has been because I’ve been writing by hand on some days. (Usually in class) I usually avoid hand writing all together because A.) Sometimes I think much faster than I can write and B.) my handwriting is seriously awful and later when attempting to transcribe my scribblings it can damn near be impossible for me to read my own farking handwriting.

I received my Week 2 pep talk email from Lynda Barry, who asked us to “reconsider writing by hand”. I read the email, chuckled to myself and then continued to type away furiously but every now and then a little voice in my head would whisper, “pssst… hey, you have a quick minute. Why don’t you get out your notebook and write a quick paragraph?”

Finally, while trying not to fall asleep during a lecture in class, I pulled out my notebook and starting writing. I’d written about 6 pages before I looked up and realized I’d completely missed the lecture and that the professor was now taking questions. In looking over the pages, I’d forgotten how visually appealing it was. By that, I mean, if a character is shouting my handwriting changes. Things aren’t necessarily split into neat little blocks of text as their apt to be when I’m typing them out. Writing little notes to myself in the margins as ideas come to me but I don’t have time to play with at the moment, playing with colors, sketching out diagrams of houses and rooms in between the scribbles which lets me work on detailed narrative, which I’m bad at. I have no problem with dialogue but my backgrounds can be a bit sparse.

In all, it was a really useful exercise but not one I can see myself trying to do a lot (see: hand cramps) but I can see myself handwriting whenever I get to a spot where I’m a bit stuck or at the very beginning stages of writing where your still outlining and world building.


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