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Day 4, NaNoWriMo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The writing is going… I won’t say it’s going well, it’s just going at this point.  I’m really trying to avoid thinking about whether or not what I’m writing is complete shite, otherwise, that leads to the inevitable slide down the, “omg, this sucks and no one will ever want to read this tripe. i’m doooooomed” path. (Henceforth to be referred to as the Path of Doom)  I’m incredibly fortunate in my friends and family and, even though we’re only 4 days in, they’ve been very willing to stroke and pacify my ego to tell me to keep going.  My sister, Kim, told me today, over the phone, “Oh shut the hell up and just keep writing.  I want to read it when your done.”  At which point, she promptly hung up on me.  She wuves me.

It’s really hitting home for me, just how self absorbed I can be.  Nancy mentioned this past summer that writers tend to be a rather self absorbed bunch but I *pooh*pooh’d* that notion and thought, “Well, some writers, may be self absorbed but surely not me.”

Which brings me to now, where people are sending me inspirational emails and text messages and holding my hand, telling me it’s going to be okay.  You are all awesome and when November is over and I have time to pull my head from my ass, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

I’m happy that I’ve performed a very large word dump but now I’m plagued with fears that I should have paced myself and what if I run out of things to say, what if I can’t figure out what comes next, what if I want to deviate from my outline, what if I can’t write a cohesive story and each chapter ends up like short vignettes from a neurotic tween’s life and OMFG! I have no idea how I want to end this.

*taking a breath*

Okay, so some things I have realized is that this is going to be more than one book, however, I’m still writing it as if it’s just going to be one big book and it’ll have to be broken up later.  I tend to write in chronological order unless I have some sort of a fab idea that needs to be written at that very moment.  I’ve been using MS OneNote to write in, I really like how i can write chunks of text and rearrange them as I see fit.  I can also really micromanage each paragraph and I can separate things with chapters and subchapters and than I have a completely different sections for stuff that I’ve written but don’t quite know where chronologically they will be placed. I’m content with how things are going at this point and it’s early days yet, so I hope the momentum keeps up.

So, tonight, unless I have a burning desire to write, I will be on Dragon Age.  I picked it up last night, had to leave it IN the car so that I wouldn’t be looking at it and ditch all my writing efforts, I finally broke down at around midnight and retrieved it from the car and began my adventure.

Tonight it continues.



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  1. Ohhhh…I didn’t even think about using One Note for NaNo. Not a bad idea! I’ve just been using Google Docs so I can ninja write wherever there’s a computer. 🙂

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