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Game Review: Drawn, The Painted Tower

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I received a postcard from Big Fish Games via snail mail with a graphic of the game and the name and website, which intrigued me. The graphic was simple but pretty, the shadowed outline of a small figured girl with a long red scarf. I investigated further by looking at the few screen shots they provided on their website and was started downloading the one hour demo.

One hour later, I was hooked. The storyline is pretty standard and a common trope in these type of point and click adventure games. A young child is to be the heir to a fantastical kingdom and is being thwarted by evil doers (dun, Dun DUN!) She has a magical power, the power to draw things and have them come alive, and has somehow entrapped herself at the top of a cursed tower and it’s your job to rescue her before it’s too late.

I’m a sucker for beautiful, unique or just kick ass artwork in games and playing though Drawn was simply beautiful, I’ve embedded the trailer for it below. Bought it via Big Fish Games for $6.99.

Gameplay is the standard point and click and puzzle solving. The puzzles aren’t very difficult at all, there were a couple of spots where I just couldn’t figure out what the next step was but in that event you have your handy dandy hint guide. The hint system was a little problematic for me, your allowed 3 hints, but it’s usually the 3rd hint that you want because the first 2 will be incredibly obvious but of course you can’t choose which hint to receive (shades of Layton, anyone?). In addition to the hints, to be used only if you are well and truly stuck, because during the course of the game your mouse will change into a hand if you pass it over an object that you need to pick up and the areas that need to be investigated will be glittering for your attention upon entering the scene. The only technical issue that I encountered was right before entering the Kingdom of Ice when you exit the Dragon’s Lair, the game kept freezing. I had to change the settings from fullscreen to windowed for that portion, which seemed to resolve the issue, once I entered the Kingdom of Ice, I switched back to fullscreen and had no additional problems.

I completed this game in about 5 hours, spread out over 2 days because I wasn’t going to deprive myself of sleep because of it but if you have some time and like adventure games, I do recommend trying it out. The ending is such that a sequel is nigh.


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