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Fighting with my inner critic

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately writing.  I’ll sit in front my laptop and just stare blankly, I’ll (maybe) write a couple of paragraphs and then delete them, I’ll look over my old writing and rip them apart.

I have no idea how to silence my inner critic and just let myself go and it’s making me increasingly more and more frustrated.  *sigh*

Everyone’s been telling me to just “turn it off” and “let go” …    <—-  What the hell does that mean?  I think that may be my problem, I never stop thinking.  When I’m sitting by myself, driving in the car, jogging on the treadmill, sitting in the sauna… my inner narrative never turns off.

And the only time, the ONLY time, I can say that my brain is quiet is when I’m gaming and not thinking about anything else, save for what’s happening on the television screen.

I’ll give this novel writing a serious go this summer, I’m not giving up, but I may just not be cut out for fiction writing.  And that would be disappointing for me but better to face up to a truth then wasting time chasing an impossible dream.  Especially considering how improbable that dream originally is anyway.


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