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In the midst of burnout

Friday, May 1, 2009

I think the full time schedule is finally getting to me.  Working fulltime and attending school fulltime has really made me tired.  It’s an effort for me to even complete my reading assignments and unfortunately I haven’t done much of the reading this year, I’ve just been faking it.  I also haven’t making very good use of my time on weekends.

I have to take better care of myself and it starts with completely cleaning my bedroom and bathroom.  I’ve written a  to do list with tasks that must be done today, and I only listed things that needed to be done immediately, and so it’s not overwhelming at all but I have no energy.

I’ve been really lethargic and tired lately.  I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s affecting everything.  I’ve weaned myself off of coffee in favor of various teas (Celestial Seasonings “Morning Thunder” HO!) and I like that I’m not crashing at the end of the workday like I would be drinking coffee.

I MUST organize my time better and utilize every minute in a useful way.


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