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Getting through the days…

Friday, February 1, 2008

it’s been hard trying to get through the days sometimes….

i’ll have my good days but their mostly bad….rarely i’ll have an outstanding day… but i’ll have more outstanding moments… i had just such a moment a couple of days ago while driving home from work… where for just a split second i felt really good… i felt like the last 10 years hadn’t happened…. it was that feeling of exhilaration that you get after racing down a steep hill on your bike in the middle of the road….

….and then it was gone.  i’d give anything to have it back….

 there are too many days that pass in a fog because i can’t face the day… because i hide in my room, close the door and turn off my phone… and hope that i can just disappear…

but those times are shorter….. those times i erect a barricade…. it’s no longer 2 weeks but maybe 2 days…. going out in public isn’t so much of a nightmare anymore…

all i can do is hope that things will get better…. i hope that i work through the fog…and come out on top…

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